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Acts of Kindness When you're Sheltered In?

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Yesterday I received a phone call from my granddaughter whom I haven't heard from in two years. I can't tell you the happiness and excitement I felt when I heard her voice. Words cannot express the feeling of gratitude for prayers being answered. I thought I had lost her forever. The situation is the result of a divorce. I live here in NJ and my son, his former wife and our two grandchildren live in IN. The distance alone has always been a heartache but the divorce made it even worse. I'm still on cloud nine from yesterday's call. My prayers have been answered. I thank everyone here for all the kind words and encouragement they have extended to me. The Daily Digest is truly a blessing!

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@0616 So happy that you heard from your granddaughter! Sometimes situations keep us from those we love, but keeps them in our hearts. How exciting!

@0616- I am thrilled that you have herd from your granddaughter. Was this out of the blue? Have your feet touched the ground yet?

Now that she has gotten back in touch, you have someone to whom you can address your memoirs. Maybe even ask her if she has any questions for you?

Good afternoon @0616, I am so excited for you. How old is your granddaughter? Did you and she use to spend quality time together as she grew up? Last month, I missed my granddaughter's 22 birthday because of COVID-19 and a period of time that was taken while she settled in with a boyfriend we are not thrilled about. That was the first birthday I missed and it kinda knocked me for a loop. I didn't realize how much these celebrations and family time meant.

So....we have given in to the boyfriend and they will be coming to see us soon. I can't believe that I used to complain about all the texts and issues we shared over the years. I do know that now that she is back, I struggle to find time to answer all of those texts and emails. Keep the relationship nurtured and share the joy.

May you have happiness and the causes of happiness.