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Undiagnosed rare problems.

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Hello there,
I wonder if it could be nerve related. Did you or your doctor bring up that possibility? Id ask if an EMG and/or nerve conduction study would be useful. Frequently in Neuropathy there is the type of pain you describe in the feet and/or toes. Do you have type of sexual disfunction that started after your surgery? Post surgical Neuropathic pain can occur years after surgery. Just a thought.
Best of luck to you,

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Hello and thank you for your reply.

My spinal fusion was in 2006 then in 2008. Qside from left side leg and lower back pain I had no other symptoms. I never had issues with pelvic, urinary, sexual function etc. It all came on so suddenly with no injury to speak of.

Concerning the pain in my toes. Early on the pain in my toes and penis would move back and forth. Penis would have stabbing pain then 2 seconds later it would move away from the penis into the toe/s. I thought that was a huge clue as to what might be occuring inside but the neurologist and neurosurgeons did'nt seem to think anything of it.

I live in SC where health care is consistantly ranked in the bottom 5 in the U.S. I am truly wondering if this is a case of just bad medical systems and doctors versus complexity of the case. I dont know… just thought finding answers would be easier than it has been for us.