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mrjustinray (@mrjustinray)

Are these bad feelings bad enough?

Autoimmune Diseases | Last Active: Aug 29, 2020 | Replies (10)

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Hello @mrjustinray, I would like to add my welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect along with @ellens and other members. You list a lot of symptoms and if I were you I would want to see a doctor and get some answers and possible treatments to help the symptoms. If you would like to seek help from Mayo Clinic, contact one of the appointment offices. The contact information for Minnesota, Arizona and Florida can be found here http://mayocl.in/1mtmR63.

Here is some food for thought to plan your conversation with a doctor – https://patientrevolution.org/visit-tools

Are you able to prioritize your symptoms? Which is the most serious to you or bothers you the most?

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Thanks so much for the reply @johnbishop! I really appreciate it. I'm definitely going to contact Mayo Florida tomorrow. And the link for the conversation practice is much needed and means a lot.

But, gosh, prioritize… A few months ago I'd say the acid reflux/GERD symptoms. A month or so back would've been the neck pain and non-stop twitching & cramping in my arms and legs. Now I wonder if it's the lump in the neck or the pain in the appendix area.

It could be a horrific series of coincidences that all of these separate issues came at once – or they're all part of one more serious overriding problem.

If I were to prioritize by pain & discomfort – I'd say 1) neck (it all feels connected to that) – 2a) GERD-like symptoms – 2b) appendix area pain – 3) pain in hands (plus ulnar nerve-type issues like the burning in limbs) – 4) Cramps & spasms…

I've taken up so much of your time, but thanks so much. I'll prepare what I want to say. Have a peaceful night and stay safe!

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