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Osteoprosis Treatment and GI Issues

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Hello @cardinal26 and others,

I am so glad to see this new discussion group on GI issues and bone loss. Having had three surgeries of the upper digestive tract for carcinoid tumors and also having IBS, I also dread the onset of serious meds for bone loss. For many years I've been taking Evista which has worked well on the spine, but my doctor has said that it does not work well on bone loss in the hip. As I currently just have osteopenia, I'm keeping a careful look at the bone loss in the hip. When the hip reaches osteoporosis, I'll have to make a decision on a more serious bone-building med. I'm looking forward to hearing about everyone's results with these different meds, as well as the side-effects.

I have a few questions: How often do you have bone density tests to see how effective the meds are? Another question, I see that @sue225 says that her Prolia is given every six months. How often is the Reclast given?

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@hopeful33250 my endocrinologist told me if I had the Reclast infusion I could probably go 18 months before having to think about doing anything again. Reclast is what she prescribed for her elderly mother-in-law who is physically and cognitively challenged and Reclast means fewer trips to the hospital.
With Prolia, my bone density is done on the day of my follow up appointment at the clinic (which is usually 18 months from the last appointment).