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Osteoprosis Treatment and GI Issues

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@cardinal26 I have been on Prolia for two years with good results in both the spine and hip. It is given by injection every six months. Has your doctor mentioned this medication? I have IBS-C. It may be making my constipation issue worse but it was a pre-existing problem and I am also on metoprolol so can't really know for sure. In any event, I'm still continuing with Prolia. I suppose I find it convenient. And other than the aforementioned issue, I dont seem to have any other side effects. With the first two injections I did experience a lingering fatigue but nothing with this last injection on July 8th. In addition, I must take 2000iu of vitamin D every day and a small dose of a calcium citrate supplement. I had given some thought to trying Reclast this summer but with Covid-19, I decided to stick with the devil I know.🙂

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@cardinal26 I was glad to hear someone using Prolia. I am on Tymlos everyday injections to increase my bone mass. I had a 9 hour back fusion surgery on June 9th from T10 to my pelvis. I have soft bones, so that's the reason I'm on Tymlos for 2 years and then I will probably do Prolia if it's offered to me. My back had degenerated to cause a scoliosis and my L-4 & 5 had severe stenosis. It takes a year to recover. It will be 3 months on Sept. 9th. I'm off of all pain meds, so I can drive, but I still get very tired. I walk a few times a day, but it's been so hot here I have had to go down to 1 time. I take 500mg of calcium citrate 2 times a day. I get my vitamin D from my vitamin, which has a lot in it. Thank you for posting about Prolia. I'm glad you are not having side effects as I have heard from many having side effects from Reclast.