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Hydrocephalus: Anyone had a shunt?

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I had an ETV 5 years ago for my NPH. Recently my bowel and bladder incontinence has worsened. My urologist wants me to try Medtronic's InterStim therapy. Is this surgical procedure worth it during the COVID pandemic? What has been your experience with this therapy? Have other therapies worked for you? Thank you.

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I had a one week trial of InterStim several years ago. The procedure was done in my urologist's office but if I were to have it permanently installed I would have had to go to the hospital. I personally did not like the feeling of the stimulation. I also have problems with my spinal cord and I could foresee needing MRIs of my lower spine in which case I would have had to have the InterStim removed. My bladder issues have continued to worsen but not so much that I want something implanted. I have to self catheterize 4 to 5 times a day because I cannot completely empty my bladder. I have urge incontinence and cannot always get to the bathroom in time. I am 76 and retired and don't need to be out of my house for long periods of time and I manage with cathing at home and wearing pads 24/7. It's not ideal but I've gotten used to it. I do get tired of having to catherterize but I am managing for now. My bowel problems are mainly constipation and that is manageable most of the time with Benefiber and Miralax. I hope you find a solution that works for you.

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