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Surgery concerns

MAC & Bronchiectasis | Last Active: Aug 29, 2020 | Replies (35)

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Hi all you lovelys, just wondering if anybody on here has not been diagnosed with Asthma . Thanks Heather

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Replies to "Hi all you lovelys, just wondering if anybody on here has not been diagnosed with Asthma..."

@heathert That would be me. irene5

No asthma.

@heathert No asthma for me.

heathert. I have not been diagnosed with asthma… just bronchiectasis and Mac as far as the lungs go

Hi Heather, Yes, I was diagnosed with asthma along with bronchiectasis almost 5 years ago in my senior years. Had chronic bronchitis over and over and was always prescribed antibiotics about every 6 weeks or so, and doctors would ask me if I had asthma and I would always tell them to tell me if I did, and finally found an asthma and allergy lung specialist who tested me and said yes, I do have asthma! I nebulize with Brovana twice daily followed by Alvesco inhaler. Best wishes to you. BAZ

@migizii no asthma here

Hello Heather! I was diagnosed all of my adult life with asthma and put on inhalers. I have been going to the Mayo Clinic since 2013 and they have never mentioned me having asthma and it is not in my medical records either. So, I do not know if I do or not. I nebulize albuterol daily, so it really doesn't matter either way. I have a feeling that I went for many yrs with serious lung issues and it got blamed on asthma. I was treated short term for recurring pneumonia over the yrs, and I have a feeling it was mac or pseudo instead, My sputem was never tested back in the day; so, who knows??