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I had 2 TKRs 3 yrs. apart. One perfect; one a bit less than perfect. Then, to my surprise, had gallbladder removal. I am not suggesting they are related. I believe I am doing quite well. But I do have to plan some activities around the situation – especially in the morning. Not sure if i can take an extensive vacation ever again? I am and have always been basically "regular". I eat basically everything. In fact, am about to start Jenny Craig diet. Even though I am very active physically, weight has become a concern (not too bad yet!). I have been on Synthroid for 38 years and Buproprion anxiety med for 20 years. Both can lead to weight gain. I was on Jenny Craig for 2.5 months a year ago and was VERY pleased with the food; lost 9 lbs. I want to go back on it again but am concerned about the reputation of FROZEN/PROCESSED foods. I felt fine and really want to get back on it (fresh veggies, fruit and water are part of the DAILY diet). Any problem with a diet such as JC? I ate healthier when I was on it than I do now and loved portion control. For me, the biggest problem . post gallbladder surgery 1.5 years ago is 'forceful" gas all day long. Sorry to be graphic, but it seems to be odor-LESS – not what I would call typical unpleasant gas from pre-gallbladder surgery. I have ALWAYS had gas issues, but this is different. (Also tried Nutri-System for a few months once, but food not as tasty.)

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What really seems to help is Metamucil in the am and colestipol 1gm twice a day. The big "D" has calmed down and I have taken to drinking Gatorade to restore electrolytes (I don't know where they went but I found them). The gas thing can be problematic but that has calmed down as well. I don't worry about my weight, its there, and I look at it as an investment. Sorry to be so flip but it seems that this subject will take over your life if you let it. Happy new Year!

just to say this…….I haven't had gallbladder surgery however I do have a handle on the dietary stuff. My husband began to have blood sugar issues and he began to watch Michael Gregor MD / nutrition action videos and he also watches 2 guys who are diabetic both of which have kept their blood sugar in check with plant based diets. He already had been subscribing to Dr. Gregors nutritionaction.org newsletter paper edition and I read when it came. We changed our diet to a plant based diet because the data is just so so convincing. He has proof and research that he shows to back his studies. I didn't have trouble changing at all / my husband may have had more trouble than I did. I gave up milk products after figuring out I had a lactose issue when I was churning in my belly all the time. My mother and daughter are both lactose intolerant so it came as no surprise. I gave up lattes and began drinking my coffee black. After about 6-9 mo. I also tried vigorously to give up sugar and I have cut way way down. After the sugar decrease I am not stiff anymore. Anyway, my weight has not been a problem at all since changing my diet. I have never eaten a lot of fat….my fats came from sweets when I ate them / cookies or chocolate or ice cream. Now those things are rare. I have never been really overweight but I struggled to be a weight that I was comfortable in my skin. I began Weight Watchers many years ago when my summer capri pants were too tight……….that was a lot of pounds ago that it is hard to believe. I am a Lifetime member now. I would encourage anyone struggling with dietary stuff to check out Dr Gregor. All his website and you tube stuff is free. Give yourself 5 minutes to find out why he started his work. He provides a real practical dedicated service.

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