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Fortunately my therapist is just that. I am also in a group which I really like. Nothing really helps when it comes to the loss of a child and in my case 2 of them. I learned after the first it is a matter of getting used to living without him. I am not there yet with the second son. One good if there is such a thing is that my daughter has let go of her meanness. I mean real meanness and bullying. My first husband of 17 years (father of all 3) died 2 days before son #2 and it seems it took his death before she could "come to". I can't say that I fully trust that she will not bite anymore and I certainly tread lightly since she too has lost much but maybe now she can recover herself. I know this isn't exactly the purpose of this GI blog but our body system is all connected. thanks everyone

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@donnacarp You are seeking appropriate care but you are dealing with an enormous amount of grief and loss. Below I have linked our Grief and Loss group. You may want to take a look at previous and current discussions or post a new discussion if you aren't finding exactly what you are looking for.


Connect is a place to give and get support.

Would you also be interested in the Mental Heath and/or Depression and Anxiety groups?