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I had a 3 day run of excruciating pain last week that turned out to be my gallbladder. I went to the ER. It seems my gallbladder is enlarged without any stones, a few cysts in my liver. All my lab was within normal limits except lipase so I'll find out about that when I see the GI doc on Monday. The pain passed. I know not to eat fats and I haven't had pain since then but very little appetite. I had been losing weight thinking it was because I had cut out sugar as best I could and began to come as close to vegan as possible and also I had experienced a big weight loss when my first son died then again when my husband died. I graze around on food and take in what I am able focusing on foods with nutritional benefit and fiber since I am always plagued with constipation that nothing really helps. I have had short periods of BM regularity/normality and it sure is nice to go daily then my body goes right back to a form of "distress" which is what it feels like to me. This has gone on for years and I have blamed it on the traumatic life I have had since 2007 and before. I have been through the death of 2 sons, 2 husbands have died, my home has burned completely, both parents died, backing before 2007 one of those sons was unable to be found for 12 years while husband #2 had cancer. I always thought my body was reacting and it likely was. The very beginning of my GI symptoms was way back. I remember the exact day in 1982 when I was 29. I was with my sons second grade class on a trip to the zoo. I ate an apple. I felt doubled over with pain the size of that apple in the center pit of my stomach. That is the son who died in 2007 when he was 32 y/o. So I ask myself which is which? Mental, emotional, physical? It has all come downhill to physical which is a piece of cake compared to the grief. (and yes, I do have psychological help – the question I am always asked)

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I think you would greatly appreciate the therapy you would get with a therapist that specializes in trauma. You have had more than your share.