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Nancy, my husband was given this drug but only took it 5 or 6 days and was discouraged and stopped it. How long did you take two packets a day? One packet?

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Hi there, I don’t remember now, all,I can tell you was that i took 2 packets for about a week then one and took flora urgent care probiotic also. What I do know is that I took an entire box as I have one box left. It does not taste very good and I was about to quit too. I think that is when I switched to one packet a day. Sorry I can’t remember but it was over a year ago. Also it can yellow your teeth so rinse your mouth good. Maybe it doesn’t work for everyone but 5 or 6 days is not really enough for anything to really work. I took it as I had my gullbladder out and about 6 months later started with diarrhea. I wish it would work for you as I don’t wish that problem on anyone. Let me know if you try again. Don’t forget the probiotic too. Get a probiotic that has to be refrigerated.