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keeping hydrated helps, the Pedialyte type of Electrolyte Solution helps me…Pedialyte is higher in sodium than the typical sport drink.. I have Gastroparesis so it is a continuing battle… I have to use Gas-X and a probiotic that was prescribed for me to counteract the effects of an antibiotic used once when sick.. This site and those of us on it raise issues that really should prompt taking notes to make the list of questions you should ask your doctor… The recommendation of a single person or even a few doesn't come close to meeting the standards of clinical trials.. I use the Clinical Epic Software "My Chart" to pose non-emergency questions to the doctors I trust.. they have credibility…

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@ken82 – You are correct. We should take notes on information found here referring to your condition and then discuss it with your doctor.
Doctors are different-
One type may hide ignorance by denying anything is wrong with you and even recommend therapy for anxiety.
Another type will admit that they are not really up on what you ask and leave it at that or prescribe something different.
My type of doctor reviews your records to see what findings there are already, if tests have not been ordered and what specialists have reported. This doctor will also admit he/she does not know enough, but will make phone calls or similar with experts to get a better picture of the illness and possibly then refer out as well as schedule follow up so patient doesn’t get lost in the system.