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Hello, as I stated in a previous post, this December will be a year after my gallbladder surgery. I have not had any complications at all and all the symptoms are gone. I always had issues with constipation, but now my BMs are fine, sometimes on the soft side, but I am fine with it. I am interested in learning from this group as these symptoms may appear sometime.

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well, I am very nervous. I have just been diagnosed with an enlarged gallbladder, no stones. I had 2 ultrasounds, a CT and lots of lab and I have had my first gastro MD – video. Appt with him in person in Jan. I learned of all this after 3 days of excruciating mid abdominal pain. I have been forever plagued with chronic constipation but more so in the last few years which I attributed to the many highly emotional and traumatic events that occurred in my life plus confinement in a tiny apartment with one bathroom with a relatively new husband of 7 years. I'd always lived in a larger house with 2.5 baths -was married previously for many years to a man who did not surveil my every move. ( we are addressing this/ he is still learning). In any event, I now have this gallbladder thing, the new MD called last night to say he was going to order a HIDA test. I am not familiar with that so I'll look it up. Now after reading all the posts except for the one posted by genocurt, I am more nervous. I have never eaten a lot of fats, never been overweight, have always exercised – I have done my part to stay as healthy as I can. I have lost 5 lbs in the last 5-6 months which for me is a lot given the fact that I never in my life lost weight without trying. I will have many questions for him now thanks to all of the posts and I am so grateful for the honesty here.

I had 2 TKRs 3 yrs. apart. One perfect; one a bit less than perfect. Then, to my surprise, had gallbladder removal. I am not suggesting they are related. I believe I am doing quite well. But I do have to plan some activities around the situation – especially in the morning. Not sure if i can take an extensive vacation ever again? I am and have always been basically "regular". I eat basically everything. In fact, am about to start Jenny Craig diet. Even though I am very active physically, weight has become a concern (not too bad yet!). I have been on Synthroid for 38 years and Buproprion anxiety med for 20 years. Both can lead to weight gain. I was on Jenny Craig for 2.5 months a year ago and was VERY pleased with the food; lost 9 lbs. I want to go back on it again but am concerned about the reputation of FROZEN/PROCESSED foods. I felt fine and really want to get back on it (fresh veggies, fruit and water are part of the DAILY diet). Any problem with a diet such as JC? I ate healthier when I was on it than I do now and loved portion control. For me, the biggest problem . post gallbladder surgery 1.5 years ago is 'forceful" gas all day long. Sorry to be graphic, but it seems to be odor-LESS – not what I would call typical unpleasant gas from pre-gallbladder surgery. I have ALWAYS had gas issues, but this is different. (Also tried Nutri-System for a few months once, but food not as tasty.)