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Slipping Rib Syndrome

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@johnbishop my doctors think my spine and hemangiomas are not an issue. Maybe not the hemangioma, but my spine is definitely an issue right now with this misalignment. I'm praying the thoracic surgeon i am seeing in WV is able to help me. My ribs on the left are definitely a mess and my PT thinks she feels a separation.
I'm sobbing, in bed with a migraine, nerve pain and muscle spasms while my family enjoys themselves. I'm so so sad about all of this 🙁
Aimee x

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Aimee, I was just thinking about you and how it must be past the time that you have gone to WV and returned. What is your status now? I remember when we last spoke you were considering trying to go to Mayo Clinic or Michigan Medicine (U. of M.) but you first wanted to see the thoracic guy in WV first. Did you go? How was it? Did he help you and what did he say? Inquiring minds want to know. I am tagging @rwinney @lorirenee1 @jimhd and @johnbishop as I know they all took an interest in your situation, as did I, of course. Please bring us all up to date. Hoping to hear from you sweetheart, Hank

Hi Aimee @braimee, So sorry to hear that you are still in pain and struggling to find some answers. @jenniferhunter may have some information on spine related issues. Hoping your thoracic surgeon will be able to help you in your upcoming visit.

Did your doctors give you any reasons why they think your spine and hemangiomas are not an issue?