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@amjl81– Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. We are patients and everyday folks helping others just like you. It sounds like this is pretty scary and uncomfortable. Did you call your doctor when you lost your hearing and sight? Perhaps you squeezed too hard? But the loss of sight might indicate something more serious. How are you today?
I'm wondering if you have changed your diet lately or added a new medication? Might you be Whey intolerant?

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No new medication, no change in diet, not whey intolerant. It was in the middle of the night and the hearing and eyesight happened before I started pushing as did the almost passing out. I was asleep when the cold sweats and pain woke me up. When I was fully awake everything else started happening as I slowly (we have rescue cats and trying to walk among them) walked to the bathroom. I am still bloated, with pain, and rumbling in my gut/intestines. My gas is a noxious fumes ever since. And lots of the gas. No pain in my back, just my sides at just above my hips and the front part. But since it seems to be low and not qt my stlmach I was thinking that my intestines are swollen and sore from it. Even at times I have had versions of this that were about a third less of what happened, I never had swelling. Nor pain and vomiting. I am going to see about going to my doctor on Friday but still.

I am back at work after a month of quarqntine because of my dad. In early July he was diagnosed with colon cancer. After a scan they saw spots on his liver. So a week after they removed the colon cancer and biopsies the spot(s) on his liver and found stage 4 liver cancer. So the doctor put the household on quarantine until they had a game plan.