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Signia. Resound - Anything else out there?

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Hi, You might want to look at Widex – a Danish company that prides itself on sound quality. It's like I have a mini music studio in my HAs. I can dial in more bass if I want, I can choose how much streaming sound comes to my ears as opposed to ambient sound. Many features you can look up. You are very lucky to be looking at aids now. Hearing technology has improved immensely. I can't forget the day I heard Bass for the very first time several years ago. They've come a very long way from being a hideous transistor box thing strapped to my chest and a cord to my earpiece when I was a kid. The big advances were – bass, then bluetooth, now re-chargeables among others (if that suits you – I think it limits you too much IMO). The quality of sound has improved so much that my hearing has improved with age – totally due to technology. My word recognition with aids is over 90% and for someone who is severely to profoundly hearing impaired, that's amazing. Research for the features you really want. T-coils should be included, but after that it's personal, get the sound you like and features. Warning though – if you get used to one type of hearing aid your brain might need time to get used to another or not accomplish that. Now that I wear Widex, I can never switch to another aid apparently because the sound profile is so different. I tried another brand and it was like I was drunk. I couldn't walk or stand properly. My audiologist said to stop wearing other aids even after a few hours. Good luck, work with your hearing aid fitter and get the best you can based on your requirements.

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I like my Widex aid so much that I chose to stick with it instead of going to ReSound, which is compatible with my cochlear implant. My audi also told me that being used to Widex made using another brand more difficult. However, next time around I am going to try to tough it out so I can use my CI accessories with both technologies. Isn't it a shame that the CI manufacturers partner with only one brand of HA? It should be universal connectivity. IMHO. I do well with the Cochlear/Resound Mini MIc 2+ and use it all the time. I know I'd do even better if I was able to hear with it binaurally.

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