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Non-Prescription Pain Relief

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Oct 22, 2020 | Replies (52)

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@123zale Hi there. Yes, I have pain reduction. It may be from 7-9 to 3-5. I also take hydrocodone, however 5mg of hydro does not always cut certain pain, like deep muscle aching. Plus, I chose to not increase my opiod dose but instead rotate medical marijuana. This was suggested by my PCP.

I am certified and purchase from a local dispensary. I use a tincture, under the tongue drops of oil. It took some time and experimentation in finding the best product and dosing. Side effects for me now are mild sleepiness about 4 hours in to my dose but only when I need a higher dose. Which by the way works excellent at night to help my insomnia. I may feel a slight sense of change in my brain. Nothing crazy, noone else would know, but I feel a slight difference on occasion. Keeping in mind that my intake is an extra strength 9.5 THC product. There are so many more options.This is why, in my opinion, working with pharmacists at a dispensary is so important as they offer guidance and support.

I have learned to make sure I have food in my stomach which helps prevent nausea. I can control my dose quite accurately using the oil dropper.

I wish you the best in your pain management search and hope I've helped answer your questions. Take care, stay safe.


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Rachel, Thank You !
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What are the one or two chronic pain area the Medical marijuana helps reduce your pain?

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