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Non-Prescription Pain Relief

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Hi and thanks for the post. I am a 76 year old male and I live in NC., always the last state to jump forward into new ways of living. I got tons of lower back pain and the only MJ I can get is from some dude on the street. 99% have no idea what strain it is there selling. Can you tell me what strain is best for pain ? I have disk degeneration and Osteo and have lost 6" in height. Do you know if I can go to another state where purchase is legal and buy without getting busted ? D.C. would probably be the nearest place.
Thanks loads,

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Good afternoon @smitty1, I appreciate the reply which I guess is an additional inquiry. I cannot suggest ways that you won't get busted. What I can do is give you this link to how and where to buy marijuana in Washington DC. I hope that has some terminology that straightens things out for you. DC is quite different between recreational and medicinal regulations and buying practices.
Let me know how this goes. Are you familiar with the medical cannabis products available? Do you use Leafy for information? It is one of the most reliable sources.

What of your current medications will the medical cannabis replace?

May you be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.