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Non-Prescription Pain Relief

Chronic Pain | Last Active: Oct 22, 2020 | Replies (52)

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@suzanne2 This is a great question, and it will be interesting to hear how people work with over the counter remedies! If you have a bathtub, have you tried a warm soaking bath with epsom salts? While I cannot abide by a bath myself, my husband recently had a torn muscle and used epsom salts for several days to assist in pain relief. Tumeric is also a good anti-inflammatory, it is said, and can be taken orally. I have used arnica montana, a holistic compund that is for muscles and bruising, although it takes a few days to build up in your system. There is also arnica cream available. Sometimes a warm compress in the area of the worst pain is enough for me. I also deal with fibromyalgia, and never know when/where muscle discomfort may occur.

Will you report back to me, saying what you found works for you? I know everyone is different, and experiences things differently.

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@gingerw I have been taking turmeric supplements for sometime. I thought they worked at the beginning but now not so sure. Maybe I need to change brands. I just found an Amish lotion. It seems to help but it is so greasy and smells to high. Maybe okay when I am home but not great if going out.