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Wigs: Prepping for hair loss due to chemo

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Only cut you hair about 2 inches from your scalp. Not all hair falls out & even a small amount of fuzz will protect your scalp from getting itchy while wearing a wig. Also, once your hair starts to grow in, it quickly appears longer while the new growth just makes it thicker .
Get a wig prescription from your oncologist. Even if your hair doesn’t fall out, wigs worn everyday don’t last that long. Get a new wig every time your insurance plan allows so you have a couple on hand.
Get a wig from a wig salon. There are many to choose from and you can try on until you find a couple that you really like. Don’t settle. There should be many that look very natural & you might even find you like them better than your real hair. If your insurance plan allows a larger budget than the cost of one wig, buy a halo too. It’s basically a wig with no hair on top. You wear it under a hat during the summer.
Prior to buying a wig, I wore baseball caps. The kind without the adjustment strap & the hole in back. I bought many by Adida’s @ Marshall’s or TJ Max. I also bought strips of hair (bangs) that attach to the back of the hat with Velcro to cover my bare neck & lower back of my head. You can buy the bangs through the online cancer wig companies like headcovers.com. This combo was so easy to put on, rotate between caps & no one ever suspected I lost hair or even had cancer.
You may also want to prevent hair loss from chemo by doing cryotherapy. Even if your infusion center doesn’t supply equipment to do it, you can purchase or rent the cold caps online. If there isn’t any info about that on this website, join inspire.com as they have many old discussions from members who have advice.

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Thanks for all the great advice!