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daveywavey @daveywavey I'm scheduled to have the SBRT starting the week of 9/14 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. If I was 15 years younger, I'm 72, I would probably go for removal. The 5 year results for the SBRT are the same as removal. They don't have a 10 year study since it hasn't been used that long on Prostate cancer I chose SBRT because it's much less invasive and the odds of being incontinent after radiation is much lower. Good luck on your decision making. I understand the stress you are under, I wish I would go to sleep tonight and in the morning it's 9/14. It seems that either way would require you to have Lupron that will cause you to have hot flashes, not fun.

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Hi Dan, (I hope it's Dan) Thanks for sharing your journey with pc. I'm 65 and I'm have the same feelings as you do about surgery if I was younger. I do'nt have to take Lupron as my doctors thinks I'm in the favorable intermediate stage of pc. I'm leaning towards SBRT/PRT as I hopefully to start treatment in September. Hopefully we can share our positive results on this site later this year. Best of luck. Dave

SBRT sounds like a good treatment approach. For myself I looked at many options short listed HIFU and FLA and chose focal laser ablation. I had 2 treatments one in 2014 and one 2018. The treatments were significantly less invasive then radiation.