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Electric shock type pain in ankle

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@marshabel If you browse through the list of discussions in the neuropathy category, you will find quite a number of discussions about your symptoms. @johnbishop is very good at directing you to the most relevant conversation threads. Is balance a problem for you? That's one of the signs of a different neuropathy – autonomic neuropathy.

I have serious pain in my feet and ankles from sfpn, and have tried a ton of medications, and had a spinal cord stimulator implant in 2017, and still live with significant pain.

Since I was a child I've rolled my ankles, but in the past few years it's become worse, and each time the pain in my ankle hurt longer. Our orthopedist finally took a good look at the ankle that gave me the most trouble, and after trying a couple of braces, surgery was indicated. He repaired ligaments and tendons and put an internal permanent brace in. No more rolling. But, and I now get to the point, after 18 months, it still hurts in a way that's different from my other ankle, and the pain is different from the neuropathy pain I already had. I'm quite sure that the pain would have cleared up by now if neuropathy weren't involved.

Gabapentin affected my clarity of thought, so I had to stop taking it. I've learned over the past 5+ years that there are many meds that can be prescribed for neuropathy. I tried the ones on my pcp's list, then I moved on to taking everything on my neurologist's list, and now I've essentially exhausted my pain specialist's list.

Somewhere along the way, my pcp prescribed morphine sulfate contin, which is the only medication that's helped long term.

I learned a month ago that I have severe spinal stenosis in the lumbar section, and it's possible that it's contributing to the pain in my feet. It's really constricted the spinal canal that carries the nerves to my hands and feet. I scheduled the surgery for late September (it had to be after my very busy yard and garden season). I'm sure hopeful that it's going to help me.

Treating pn is pretty much trial and error. Sorry to tell you that. It can be a lengthy process, unless you happen to find the right treatment early on. I hope that will be the case for you.

I know too well the scariness and frustration of going through this process, so please know that there are many of us here who understand what you're dealing with.

Stay safe. Advocate for yourself. Know that you aren't alone.


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Thanks for your reply, Jim. Balance is not a problem for me, it's more of an ankle thing. I had the nerve conduction test which apparently told them that the problem is not coming from my spine. I know that I am early in this process, so I hear you about trial and error! It sounds like you have been through quite a lot, and I hope that your surgery helps you to get some relief.

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