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Platelet Count Low: Chemo Delayed

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@stparker54, sometimes chemo will be postponed due to low blood counts. I think low white blood cells are the most common reason for signalling a delay. With low platelets, you may not feel any symptoms, but you'll want to be careful to avoid injury. You are more prone to bruising and bleeding. Be gentle with teeth brushing even. If you get a cut, be cautious about infection. If your platelets are low, your white blood cells that fight infection are probably lower than normal too.

Here's more info: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/cancer/in-depth/cancer-treatment/art-20046192

Stparker, behind your question, I also hear worry – worry that your cancer left untreated will get the upper hand. This is a really good topic to discuss with your oncology nurse so you can get the proper reassurances for your situation. Here's my understanding. Obviously your body is reacting to the chemo. I might be inclined to be hopeful that the cancer cells are getting zapped too, not just the blood cells, right? The schedules for chemotherapy treatments are based on large numbers of patients. The "standard" schedule might not be right for you. Your healthy cells (blood cells etc.) might need longer to repair themselves and be ready for the next chemo treatment than is typical in the "standard" protocol. That doesn't mean your cancer is running out of control. It just means that your oncology team is adapting the schedule to be right for you.

Does that make sense? Again, I encourage you to talk to your team and get a more professional explanation directly related to you. What type of chemo are you getting?

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