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Vertebral hemangiomas

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@brayimee I see you have had some spine imaging. Did you have imaging of your cervical spine too? Have you had a whiplash injury? I ask because that could explain some of the symptoms you have. A whiplash can damage discs which later bulge and herniate which can cause compression of the spinal cord or nerves that exit the spine at the nerve roots. If you have spinal cord compression, it can cause bladder/bowel issues and heaviness in the legs and an uneven gait. A whiplash can also damage other neck muscles and cause thoracic outlet syndrome which compresses nerves or vessels because of tight muscle or scar tissue in muscles through which the nerves pass. That can cause tightness in the chest which can contribute to a racing heart. I have had a whiplash that caused spinal cord compression which affected my ability to walk. It gave me weird pains all over my body called funicular pain. I had surgery at Mayo Rochester to decompress my spinal cord which gave me my life back. I have thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). Mayo is a good place to have that evaluated because there are not a lot of doctors who understand it and you could have both of these issue contributing to the problem. Treatment for TOS has been long term physical therapy for me with myofacial release. Facial pain can come from TMJ and that can be related to having TOS. I have experienced that too. Here are some links for information.

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@jenniferhunter I've only had my neck xrays by a chiropractor.
I hit another dead end with doctors. My PMR referred me to a psychiatrist 🙁 and didn't want to even acknowledge that slipping rib syndrome could also be a cause. When this started in April it was all left low ribs and upper abdomen. Then everything on my left just fell apart. I've hit a dead end other than driving to WV to get a 1/2 consult with a thoracic surgeon who specializes in checking ribs. If its a positive, he does surgery next day.
No other doctor has thought about neck. I had whiplash years ago 17 years I believe so I'm not sure that us my issue. However I do have a hemangioma in T1 which is a vessel tumor in my thoracic spine at the neck level. I have been pushed away on that idea by all doctors 🙁
Hugs to you xx Thsnk you for reaching out.

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