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I appreciate your response. My mom has no desire to learn the internet, pc or even a tv. She is very 'old school' as she says. I suggested all this to her last night and she ignored me so i'm guessing she's not interested in learning. I'm out of options. I'm 40ish so I understand the whole doing everything online but I was hoping to find someone that would chat on the phone. I get it tho but my mom doesn't understand this new way of how things are. Anyways, again thank you and I will try to keep working on her to learn since this is her only way.

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Hi @kristin24 I am guessing from your Mayo handle your name is Kristin? My wife Linda, whom I mentioned to you in my previous post as one of your mother's fellow technophobes and neuropathy sufferers, has said she will be glad to talk to your mom by phone about her neuropathy. If you send me the phone number in a private mail I will pass it along to her. Best time for Linda to talk is between noon and 4pm central time (we are in Tennessee, thus on central time). If that timeframe won't work for your mom let me know and we can see about working something out.

To send me a private mail, click on my face over to the left of this post, that will bring up my profile and there, just to the right of my face, it will say "Send Private Message". Click on that and write the message. I will be on the lookout for your private message there. Hope to hear from you. Best, Hank