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Basal Cell Carcinoma on Leg

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@beatrixflower I'm glad you sought out a diagnosis on this. I have had everything from pre-cancer to melanoma, and you're smart to be checking for changes in sores or lesions. You know your skin the best! What was done for the basal cell carcinoma on your leg? I would ask your dermatologist their recommendation, then follow that. While basal cell rarely metasticize they do often grow slowly in place. And I am sure your medical team has advised you to watch your skin carefully, perhaps with a full-body check twice a year.
Here is a link from Mayo Clinic about types of skin cancer https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/skin-cancer/symptoms-causes/syc-20377605

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@gingerw I was recently diagnosed with squamous cell, basal cell, and two precancers. You noted that you have had multiple skin cancer and precancer diagnoses. How have you changed your lifestyle as a result? I have always been a sunscreen fanatic, very frequently applying chemical sunscreen. I have now moved to mineral sunscreen since reading more about skin cancer after my excisions. This recent experience has me a bit fearful of the sun now, which I used to enjoy as an active person, not as a sun worshipper (I never lay out because I don’t get tan anyway). I bought lots of UPF 50+ shirts and am going to Disney with the grandkids in a few weeks and I am wondering if short sleeves with sunscreen would be an okay alternative. My skin cancers are on my hand neck and my precancers are in my nose and hand. I have two other suspicious areas on my forearms. Any advice is welcomed.

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