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Internal vibration with "nerve firing"

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@brayimee Aimee, I've done some poking around on the web and I am wondering, have you ever been tested for Guillain-Barré syndrome? Its an autoimmune disease that attacks the peripheral nervous system. A lot of your symptoms sound similar, like the leg weakness, the numbness and tingling, the bowel and bladder issues, back pain, abnormal heartbeat or BP, I mean it sounds like you have a lot of these things. You should ask your doc about this possibility. Did you have any sort of vaccination or have a flu or anything in the weeks leading up to when this started? GB is often triggered by these kinds of things and apparently can start rather suddenly after such a trigger. Anyway, it's an idea if it has not been mentioned to you so far. Hank

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Hmmmm! I did just now read about it. I do have some symptoms. I will see if my doctor wants to take a look, he hasn't been open to many of my suggestions.
I was sick most of January this year and was put on antibiotic doxycycline in February. That is the only thing I can think of. I woke up end of March with upper left abdomen pain that wrapped around to flank. It lasted a few days and subsided. Then a few weeks later, I woke up with the same pain and it never went away. Everything got worse. Some pain has subsided, but my left side has so very many symptoms ( and sometimes the right side also gets tight around the abdomen) and the heart rate?? I was a weight lifter, runner, HIIT junkie and now going up my stairs causes a 150 pulse. And these weak legs scare me.
I just don't understand and it makes me so very sad that I just lay around all day after being so active. I'm not a quitter, and this has stopped me in my tracks.
Thank you so much, Hank!!