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Internal vibration with "nerve firing"

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@brayimee Aimee – I feel you and am here for you if you need to vent, cry, rejoice or share your health escapades. Please know that I do understand alot of what you are going through emotionally and some physically. Try hard to not beat yourself up over being less of a mom and focus on what you still can do for them…love unconditionally. This is temporary and your husband is a good man telling you such. He sounds alot like mine. I'm happy you have a solid support system. Now, the rest is medical and you will get to the bottom of it. Sounds like you are well on your way! 💪🏼

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This means a lot. I am in tears again. I pray every night and every day that I will wake up feeling better so I can jump on the trampoline with my son, go running with my daughter or sit at the beach with my family again. I feel like I am morning the loss of mobility, oddly using the restroom normally and just feeling "normal". I am happy to report that my brain MRI is normal. Tomorrow I will see the cardiologist again to gain some insight on why I suddenly developed SVTs and PACs and I have a lower lumbar MRI to see if that will give answers to the weak legs, bathroom issues and left abdominal nerve/muscle spasms.
You are so very kind. Sending you a virtual hug x