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Internal vibration with "nerve firing"

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@brayimee Regarding your lifestyle and health change…you've said it perfectly, you cant mom like you used to. I was incredibly blessed that my son was in college and daughter was 16 when all hell broke lose in my body. I absolutely can not fathom if I were to have had little ones. You are going through some hell of your own and I'm very sorry. I was unable to mom the way I used to throughout my daughter's last 3 years of high school and on to college, and it crushed me. Prior, when she was 13, I also had different health issues which disrupted our normalcy as well. It truly is heartbreaking. I learned a huge amount of perseverance, like it or not. You sound determined and if having 5 children isnt enough to push you, I dont know what is! You just keep being amazing by advocating for yourself, hold those Drs accountable and try as best you can to remain hopeful. HOPE and POSITIVITY can make all the difference in the world when fighting uncertainty. And when you may struggle, please know Connect is here for you with compassion, brain storming and support. If you are able, please keep us updated on your progress. Best of everything to you.
Sending good vibes your way~

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Lots of tears reading your post! It's been such a struggle going from 100% mom to barely functioning. My youngest is 10, oldest 22 so they are very self sufficient, but I want to be hands on with them and doing things with them and I can only be up so long. It's really the oddest symptoms and pain that I have never experienced before.
My husband had been such a trooper and promises I won't be like this forever. He will take me anywhere to get help.

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