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Internal vibration with "nerve firing"

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Hello! nice to meet you ­čÖé

I have not encountered any fevers. I will occasionally exprience profuse sweating, but only during a very bad flare up. I use to wake up soaked, but that has lessened. I take 2 Gabapentin and a muscle relaxer just to let me sleep for 8hrs. I know how very important sleep and hydration is. I do not believe I have been bitten by a tick, at least not to my knowledge. No Endocrinologist at this time, maybe the next step?
Right now as I type, I felt the internal vibration and when it stopped, I feel this tingling rush up into my head, and like a nerve sensation in my left abdomen and going down into my glutes. I know it sounds like the strangest thing, but it has been incredibly painful and likes to stick to the left side. I think one of the worst parts is my bowels don't work properly. Passing gas is so incredibly hard and I get so very bloated. Occasionally I can shift positions or do movements to help. Urinating has been better, but I would get so much pain on the left side from to being able to use the bathroom for both. PT has helped with some muscle relaxation and I see minimal improvement with the chiropractor. The chiropractor said I did have a lot of muscle tension and my spine was off in a few places, but I have had 6 adjustments with minimal improvement.
As far as the hemangiomas, I have this theory that because they are vascular tumors in my vertebrae, they swell when my heart rate goes up cause some radiating nerve pain. Such as the T11 if it swells with increased BP/Pulse, is it firing nerves?
This is what I have read about T11 nerves :These vertebrae are important in the control of your kidneys, ureters, colon, small intestines, lymph circulation system, buttocks, and the uterus (in women). As with any of your vertebrae, the T11 can be the culprit of a wide range of health problems. So these are areas I have had issues. As far as T1, this is what I have read: The T1-T4 thoracic sections control primarily chest muscles and organs, such as the heart and lungs. I do get tightness of chest and during this whole crazy issues, my heart started PACs and STVs. I have never had heart health issues and woke up one day having them. So Like I said these are theories, but I just wonder if something is misfiring with nerves and my heart?? I am occasionally able to help my bowels with tennis balls lined up against the spine. Strange!

Thank you for your reply. All advice and questions are welcome!

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@brayimee Aimee, I've done some poking around on the web and I am wondering, have you ever been tested for Guillain-Barr├ę syndrome? Its an autoimmune disease that attacks the peripheral nervous system. A lot of your symptoms sound similar, like the leg weakness, the numbness and tingling, the bowel and bladder issues, back pain, abnormal heartbeat or BP, I mean it sounds like you have a lot of these things. You should ask your doc about this possibility. Did you have any sort of vaccination or have a flu or anything in the weeks leading up to when this started? GB is often triggered by these kinds of things and apparently can start rather suddenly after such a trigger. Anyway, it's an idea if it has not been mentioned to you so far. Hank

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