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Is depression permanent?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Sep 8, 2021 | Replies (84)

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Thanks. Maybe I'll have a priest talk to us first. There seems to be no hope for me. Divorced or not.

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Ive been where you are. Ive always been told its always the darkest before the dawning.Maybe you could take a walk and think it over.Im sure you have run it through your head a thousand times.I know you are at your wits ends as to what to do next.I had my sister to rely on when I first seperated from my ex.I wish I knew what to say to you to help you feel better.Dont give up, you are strong enough to face anything. Once you get thrrough today everything will get better tomorrow.

@mariajean03 Yes, to talk with your Priest or a counselor that deals with divorce. I know it's hard. Letting go of a partner I have heard can be just like death, except he is alive. My niece and her husband got divorced and it was a big surprise to me. They had a lot of counseling, because they had a teenage daughter. She was cutting herself and having a hard time dealing with it so they had counseling with her too. We have mental illness that runs through our family. Take care of yourself I can't imagine what it must be like. Like Marcie said take one day at a time and I will pray you will get through this.