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Is depression permanent?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Sep 8, 2021 | Replies (84)

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Everything is going to be allright.I went through that with my ex. He atarted attacking me one night. I was just so sick and tired of the way he had been treating me. When he finished beating me i called the cops and they took him away for the night. I found out later that he was on cocaine.The place we lived was payed for.He filed for divorce first. Me and the kids moved in with my sister and brother in law.for a while.Something inside of my thought he was bluffing about the divorce so I got an attourny through legal aid and had him served with divorce papers. I wanted to be rid of him once and for all times.

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@mjpg2013 Bless Your heart and how brave. My husband was verbally abusive when our kids were growing up, to the kids and to me. I didn't know about verbal abuse and had no idea. He was really hard on our son, who is Bipolar 1, he was mentally ill growing up, but he never told us. We have no contact with him or his family, so I feel like I've lost a granddaughter. My counselor said most of it is from him being bipolar. Part of it is his wife. She's controlling him, but also taking care of him. He's a professor, but can't teach because of his bipolar.

Thanks. I need to get a legal aid lawyer but am so depressed I can't concentrate on what he'd be saying! I have no one to help me. Maria.