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Is depression permanent?

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Sep 8, 2021 | Replies (84)

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I would love to learn more. Thanks. Maria.

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My ex was a big gas lighter back in the early 80's. He kept me tore up over everything most of the time when I was married to him. We were together 12 years. When I look back on it now I think of how big of a fool I was for staying with him. Before I left him I felt like I had no one to turn to. We moved closer to where my family lived and I got out of the marriage that way. A year after the divorce was final I moved myself and my 3 children 30 minutes away from everybody I knew. I had a job already set up before we moved. I worked as a CNA for 4 years while raising my kids. I got tired of that work and went on unemployment. I studied for my GED and finally got brave enough to take the test and passed the first time. After that I enrolled in a college. I got accepted but it took me 8 years to complete my degree. I supported myself and my family with Pell grants and student loans. I had boyfriends along the way but no one would make a commitment to me. While I was attending college I tried working at the local Walgreens as well. One day I got the idea to sign up on E-harmony. My daughters were older and more responsible so I had more free time to pursue a relationship. I met a great guy in 2007 but I got sick and started having hallucinations His name is Bob and he started helping me pay my bills. I was 3 months behind with my house payments. He moved in with me in July of 2008. He explained to me that I could possibly have a mental illness because of the auditory hallucinations I was having. I didn’t have an easy time growing up. My father would tell me to shut up when I was learning how to talk and I didn’t develop normally. He was an abusive alcoholic and I lived in fear daily growing up. I started going to therapy in Aug 2008 and went on meds for schizoaffective disorder. It took many years for me to find the right combination of drugs to relieve the voices in my head. My kids are grown of course. I only have one grandchild and she will be 18 in Oct. My son made me a grandma at 38. I’m in a good place in my life at the moment.