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Hand held microphones that can be used with hearing aids

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Hi FL Mary, I use the mini mic and the mini mic 2+ with my N6 Cochlear implant. It does not work with my Widex hearing aid, which is frustrating. Frustrating to have to have a specific brand of HA with a CI to use the accessories. If I had a ReSound HA it would work bilaterally. Long story short. I tried ReSound and did not get the same results I have with the Widex in regular use, so chose to stay with Widex. I will probably switch to ReSound next time around. Prior to using the Mini MIcs, I used the Phonak MicroLink. I absolutely loved that device. I wore out 3 of them! That was prior to having the CI. I was teaching then, and used it with students in physical education classes. The kids were great about using it and knew if I wanted to know what they were saying they had to. Heaven only knows what they were saying without using it! Prior to that I used a Phonak direct audio input hand held mike. It looked like a black cigarette, so people kind of laughed at that. However, that DIA device is what sold me on using a microphone. Funny story…(now). When I started using that DIA mike, which had a long cord that plugged into my HA, I was in a large social setting with casual acquaintances. We, ladies, were standing in a circle talking and I was participating in the conversation. One of the women called me aside to ask what I was using. I explained. Her comment "That's interesting, I never thought you were smart." My response was "Now you know.". I wasn't insulted, but she was embarrassed after saying that. In reality, it gave me the courage to keep using it and letting it show. Back to that earlier statement…when we appear to be helping ourselves, other people are more likely to help us.

Back to hand held mics. The Roger Pen is high quality and expensive, (over $1000), but it works when used correctly. I have one, but rarely use it. Like Tony, I need a streamer to use it. Just don't find it practical. It's good quality is that it can be used with telecoils in any brand of hearing aids or CIs with the streamer. The Pocketalker, which is around $200, works well. The newer model is superior to the older ones. They have been around for a long time. The new one includes a telecoil so people who don't use telecoils equipped HAs can use it with earphones. It's an excellent 'test' device for someone who needs hearing help but doesn't have HAs. There are other brands. Problem is, for the most part you have to buy it to try it, which is grossly unfair. Look for an assistive device demo center to see if they loan items like this out. Our HLAA Chapter has a loan project with several of the devices.

My N6 has a port for direct audio input and I still have a plug in model with a cord to use in a pinch. It works, but the cord is cumbersome. The hand held w/o cord came out after the corded mike. It seems that the manufacture suddenly realized that people do want to hear in noisy settings.

FL Mary, let us know what you decide to try.

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Wow, a lot of info and thanks so much. I am going to check out the phonak microlink and research the mini mics so I may have to come back to you with a question. For now I will look at a new loop as I have to be careful with these earlinks, which I don't think are made anymore. I don't even remember how old they are . I like to keep them at home attached to my Captel.

That woman's comment is such a typical one. Some people assume you are not smart because you don't always get things right away. I have had similar comments made to me over the years which is why I developed such a pro active assertive stance towards people regarding my hearing. Maybe our puzzled expressions add to their misconception so I am always careful to look intelligent and not too confused. We assume everyone knows about hearing loss but that isn't true. I remember when my father was on life support and the female doctor was addressing all her comments to my then husband. I told her in no uncertain terms to address them to me even if I needed to ask her to repeat. I think that may have been the beginning of my new approach to people.

Thanks again,
FL Mary

Hello: I would use any device that could read to me what is on my medical prescription containers to help me with my low vision. I think this is medically necessary and life saving. And, I can continue to be independent. I love and thank all of you wonderful people for this delightful information. ( I do have some loss of hearing in one of my ears.) I hope I understand this properly. Will continue to watch with a large font. Peach