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Hand held microphones that can be used with hearing aids

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Yes I did use the neck loop with the Pocket Talker and did not like the sound. I love my TCoil setting as I use it in a looped area and for the car GPS and occasionally for my phone.

I can use in on my Captel landline but I have ear links plugged in that are fine for that . So I would not change the TCoil setting at this point and we have played with that at my Audis office. I trialed the ComPilot with the clip on mics last year and hated that. I did not use a neck loop with that. I don’t think I was aware that you could do so. However I found the ComPilot excellent with TV but still need captions so I don’t see the point of using it just for that. My normal bag is small and I would have to tote around too much stuff in a larger bag and I don’t want to do that.

But hey, please chime in anytime if you have other suggestions that might help me. I use Innocaption and have used the ear links on the TCoil setting but don’t find it that helpful as I still need to see people’s lips. Also, when I swipe answer a call, I’m not “hooked up”. I hear the voice on Innocaption which helps as I am reading.

I’m looking for something wireless now for group conversations that does not require anyone wearing a mic so a handheld mini mic sounds good to me. Most of the android apps require headphones or earbuds. I’m going to browse the play store again to see if there are any that do not. I’ll dig out the pocket talker again and try it with the neck loop again. I like to play around with these things . Before the pandemic I was talking to my Audi about a different brand aid with smartphone apps so I will revisit that again.

Thanks for chiming in !

FL Mary

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@imallears, You can always get an additional Tcoil program. No need to "ruin" something that works good in most situations. Ideally, the manufacturers need to give us more control of our hearing aid settings. We have some control, but I would like even more. I wouldn't be surprised if its a marketing ploy to get us to buy hearing aids more often. They roll out more control over time.
For group situations, a table mic may work. Roger makes a nice table mic that I'm anxious to try. I don't know anyone that has it though.
Tony in Michigan