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Being patient after a big and long surgery

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Oh my, you have been through a LOT of trauma. Depression and anxiety are expected responses to that. I suffer, too, and I believe the right medications have saved my life. Trauma changes our brains so that we are hyper-vigilent/anxious. Depression is so very common after any surgery, especially after an ordeal like yours. I hope you'll consider the restorative power of meds and maybe some talk therapy, too. (Full disclosure: I'm a therapist).

I'm glad you reached out here and I hope others will respond to your story. Be well and at peace … Babette

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I truly believe the nine years I dealt with my severe jaw problems, multiple procedures and surgeries, dealing with multiple different medical/dental professionals (not all acting professionally IMO!), being told I was “overreacting” etc., etc., (and the ensuing constant battles with insurance company – I really think being in such severe pain and with the concurrent severe depression – I think it seems as if my brain chemistry was possibly permanently changed. Is that possible? I have managed to get off the ER Bupropion but still take generic Cymbalta. I tried going off that first, but realized it was actually helping my discomfort from my spinal problems, so I’m staying on it. I still have some occ flashbacks to that period of time, disturb my sleep. Being able to talk to a professional who assured me I wasn’t crazy and told me I had symptoms of PTSD helped me understand. Having some close friends who were there for me steadily helped me so much.

@babette Thank you very much. Part of my depression and anxiety is caused from my husband. If he sees me barely bending or twisting he gets after me about it and It seem like I can't do any right. He is a professionist and very smart. At 69 he still works full time for Wells Fargo as a security person. He works out of our basement, so he is here to help me. Last night we had a fight because I wasn't obeying the rules. So, I said from now on he can do all the laundry. He does do the cooking which is very wonderful. But I feel so hapeless (SP) I use to spell so good, Maybe it's cause from the surgery. My husband doesn't think I need counseling, but I feel I do. Thank you for your comments and caring. I know you have problems too. Take care of yourself.