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Mesial temporal sclerosis in epilepsy

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I usually have 3 a month, more if I'm stressed about something. I'm sure a lot of people on this site have much worse problems than I do. They only last about 10 to 15 seconds. It does affect my consciousness accompanied by a feeling that is hard to describe. I also feel fear but part of that may be due to the time I had a febrile seizure at 8 years old, waking up in a hospital not knowing what had happened. Sometimes the after affects last for about an hour. They started at the time I was 27. Sometimes I have an (aura?) but sometimes it just comes on suddenly. I also had a concussion when I fell at the age of 3 or 4 where I lost consciousness and was brought to the hospital but that didn't involve a seizure.

I try to say something to myself to help during the seizure (for example, repeating the Lord's Prayer). I seem to have to start that as soon as I feel it coming on. Lately I have been slowing down my breathing which seems to help whenI try to start right away. I think this is the Butyeko or Frolov effect.

I'm curious to know why they said I was born with it. That could be genetic-familial or a problem with the genes. You mentioned before genetic could be something besides a family connection. I think this happened due to an injury or the febrile seizure both in childhood.

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I would say your guess is as good as the Neurologists. It’s doubtful anyone will ever know for sure. I was told my seizures were caused from birth. I suspect they were caused from being hit in the head with a baseball bat when I was a kid. Bottom line is the doctor can’t prove his theory and we can’t prove ours.
So we both have epilepsy what difference does it really make what caused it. I doubt it will ever change anything. Sure I’d like to know just for curiosity sake but I can live with not knowing, good thing because I’m sure I never will.
Have you ever asked your doctor his reasons for why he suspects what he does.
I’m curious how you feel when you have a seizure? You mentioned you have a feeling that is hard to explain can you tell me what part of the body that feeling is in? Is this feeling an aura or does it happen during the actual seizure? Apparently you don’t always have an aura, when you do are they always the same or similar? It sounds as though you have Focal Impaired seizures, previously known as complex partials. If that’s the case the majority of people aren’t aware of what’s happening around them although they can still perform tasks. Sometimes when I’d have one I would wander and have no memory of it afterwards. It sounds as though you remember yours is that right? during your seizure do you respond to other people or can you hear other people talking to you. Is there any part of your seizure you have no memory of? Are you post-ictal/confused and sleep afterwards, If so about how long?
I suppose if I were given the option of surgery, Neuropace or VNS and had to choose one I would choose the Neuropace. Although considering the severity of my seizures I probably should’ve had surgery. They were very frequent and lasted up to 20 minutes.
Take care and good luck,