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@dablues Why did you go of the first med do you remember or what it was? Maybe you went of it to fast . Drugs.com is a good reference for any drugs ,side effects and interaction . Sorry I can't be of anymore help . I hope you are seeing your Dr .

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I was going to get allergy testing done and the nurse said I had to stop taking those meds one week before being test. So I stopped both. Then I was sick for about a week with brain zaps and other things. The brain zaps never went away but became infrequent. used to get them once in a while when I first got up. I went back on my clonazepam and weaned myself off of them and was just on welburtrin. Still got them sometimes, then this past hear after having the Shingrix Vaccine I had terrible side effects that lasted 4 months, plus panic attacks that stayed with me constantly so would up in the hospital twice which didn't help. Now I'm on welbutrin abilify which I stopped taking, cymbalta and clonazapam. I think that's too many meds. Dr. wanted me to stay on all but did stop abilify since I've gained 14 lbs since being put on abilify and cymbalta. Looked up to see what each one was causing weight gain the most and it came back as abilify so I weaned myself off of it but didn't tell the dr. It took 4 months before all the side effects from the vaccine stopped including the panic attacks. But now getting them all day was kind of scary. Didn't have one today. Why does it still happen?