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anyone feel more burning/numbness when sitting

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@jesfactsmon I do think they should be considered, however I'm so lost as to what needs to be addressed with myself, doctors make me feel very defeated and that this is caused from anxiety, but pain like this… Is not anxiety, not voiding properly for 5 months, is not anxiety, having quiet bowels for 5 months, is not anxiety, all this left side pain, is not anxiety You get what I mean haha!!
That being said, one of the beginning issues I had, 2nd visit I went in for, was low left rib pain, upper abdominal pain and it radiated to the back. I'm guessing in the area of T9-T11 (T11 hemangioma). I had asked my physician about slipping rib syndrome "SRS" because the pain was burning in my ribs and that pain held for months until PT. It started to get a lot better with her help although, I wasn't diagnoses by anyone to have actually having it. So I rulled it out until 3 days ago. I'm not sure what I have done, but my low, left ribs are burning and I can feel a rib under another. I'm wondering if my rib misalignment/rib flare (addressed by my PT) is tugging on my spine and all this urinary, bowel and nerve pain is from the tugging and the muscles that have swelled along the left side. Maybe this is causing a lot of misfiring nerves?? I feel this is another area to address, but unfortunately, there are only a few thoracic surgeons familiar with it and only a handful of doctors/radiologists know how to test for it, but I can tell you.. Whatever has happened has had me in tears multiple times today and in bed.
So 2 things I suppose that can cause nerve pain and radiating issues. Hemangiomas and Slipped Ribs SRS, but I'm stumped about the SVTs and internal vibrations, unless the internal vibration is the SVT?
This pain has caused anxiety/depression, anyone in this state and no answers would develop this at some point, so I don't doubt that some of my symptoms could be from these, but the pain and system interruptions are real. This is way over sharing, but I'd have to tell doctors. Today I urinated so much in 2 trips, I had to take pain medication because my left abdomen and bladder hurt so bad. Something isn't working properly and my tests have been good. I'm just stumped, but could nerves be causing problems?
I have good news, and bad. My doctor said he'd refer me to Mayo or UofM (he prefers Mayo), but I'm not rich by any means and we still have 3 children at home and 1 in college. I'd have to check with insurance and even so I have to figure out how to pay for it. I know for certain I would want the hemangiomas addressed as well as SRS as a possibility. I'm not sure what else this could be at this point, other than nerves misfiring from something.
I wish I could give you a hug x, you have been more attentive than my specialists ­čÖé and I will never be able to thank you enough.
I attached a chiropractor Xray so you can see how misaligned I am in the thoracic, lumbar region. My left is being so compromised, but why?
Aimee xx

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@brayimee I'm not sure what is available for financial assistance but Rochester Mayo Clinic does have a number you can call. Here are a few links that you may find helpful if you would like to check with Rochester Mayo Clinic.

You can find out more about billing and insurance at Mayo Clinic here:
Charitable Care and Financial Assistance at Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN Charitable Lodging

Rochester Mayo Clinic Concierge Services
I'm hoping you can find some answers soon.

@brayimee , I like what you have written, you are clear and precise about what your symptoms are and what is definitely not caused by anxiety. By sharing you allow everyone to see your true self and what a nice self you are, I see how you care for your family. Your symptoms are not caused by anxiety, however I do believe its time to let go. Try something new, if it does not work then move on to something else and cross it off your list. You are strong person and we believe i you. I believe in you.

@brayimee Aimee, the fact that all of this kind of happened all at the same time, out of the blue from no obvious cause is a clear indication (to me) that everything is related to some unique initial problem. The initial problem could be that one or both of you hemangiomas have impacted some nerves. This could have caused a whole host of problems to develop from what I have read. Perhaps even caused SRS to develop. Can SRS be clearly seen on your X-ray, i.e. have you been confirmed to have it? In any case, as I said before, I think the next step is to find the right health professional. I hear you about $$$ issues. What kind of insurance do you have and what limitations do they place on the network of doctors you can choose from? I would be happy to help you by researching to find the right doctor in your area, as close to your town as possible (you mentioned where you live in an earlier post). Getting you help from Mayo may be what you will need to do also.

Aimee, can you read the private message I sent to you? It's the button (symbol of an envelope) at the very top right corner of this page next to where your picture is. Please read that and reply. After you reply I will send you a follow-up message. Thank-you.

This needs to be resolved! You need to get past the point of all of this desperation. It's making you miserable, undermining your ability to just have a good life with your family, and undermining your health further. It needs to stop. There is an answer to this, and you may very well already be on top of it as it very well could be directly related to the hemangiomas on your spinal column. But whatever it is, there need to be involvement of helpful, intelligent, curious and open-minded medical practitioners. I am hoping you are able to get past this period of tears and desperation, you need to get past this phase and on the a more constructive phase. My best to you, Hank