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anyone feel more burning/numbness when sitting

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Hello Hank,

My primary and Cardio have been my best doctors. However, things move slowly and I must be patient. It's tough when I went from lifting weights, running and just being overall active to resting 90% of my day. They seem to not think that us urgent ( weak legs, urinary&bowel issues). I have my theories, but I hate stepping on doctors toes. I might have to start another thread aside from my original post "internal vibrations & nerve firing", but I did a search and didn't see anything for hemangiomas.
I absolutely love connecting with all people who have similar symptoms or advice. It makes us feel less alone.

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Since my previous post I discovered that (unknown to me) you had had another whole conversation yesterday under a related discussion and I see my previous comments were unneeded. I also am now able to grasp the gravity of your situation. Just very weird. It sounds like you were totally normal and fine one day and woke up the next with this whole raft of strange unpleasant symptoms. Was it almost that sudden seeming? Your doctors seem to be unable to put this all together into any sort of comprehensive explanation and I guess they are perplexed as you are. Your symptoms affect your heart, your BP, your bowels and urination, your left side nerves, your legs, your spine, you have intense sweating (in conjunction with the nerve/vibration sensations?). Your discussion of the T14 and T1-4 vertabrae seems like a good place to be thinking about. With so much going on all at once involving so many different systems it seems like looking at places that have an affect on all of these things is where to be looking, someplace where they have an overlap. I think you are on a good track with your thinking and research. I am sure you have thought back to before this happened and examined every possible thing that happened in your life that might provide a lead as to where this all came from, correct? Did you come up with any ideas or possible incidents in your life or occurrences that seemed suspicious in relation to causing all of this weirdness? Like others have expressed, my heart is with you Aimee. I hope a breakthrough comes soon, either in assessing the cause itself or in finding a cure, either for some of these symptoms or, preferably ALL of them! Hank