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anyone feel more burning/numbness when sitting

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Sometimes I think it is best to ask about personal experiences. What works for some might not work for others or what works for someone might also work for you. I have my own care plan lined up and if it's a fail, I will be contacting Mayo. I personally feel doctors are leaving bits and pieces out or are not looking at all my tests these last 5 months. I have some theories about my issues, but my doctors don't want to hear them. They dismiss it when I bring it up, so how can I get help from them if they do not listen? What is happening to me is NOT normal and if they look back, they will see that I was never in the office asking for help until now. So frustrating.
I love myofascial release and I too use marijuana at times. It helps!

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@brayimee Atta girl! Go with your gut and keep pushing. You know your body best.

Hi @brayimee I'd like to add my 2 cents to reaffirm what has already been said by Rachel @rwinney and Chris @artscaping I have read at least a couple thousand posts on Mayo Connect since I found it in January of this year. Two conclusions that you are leaning toward are that 1) your doctors have been less than extremely helpful and 2) that you want the input of other people who are going through similar issues as yourself. With just the experience I have had on Connect so far I think your belief that many (not all) doctors are not that helpful is shared by a lot of other people. And I can tell you for a fact that most of the contributors to this forum have had a LOT of experience with their respective illnesses, and they have learned a lot about what works for them, doesn't work for them as well as many of the pitfalls of various ideas people have tried for their illnesses, whatever they may be, in this case neuropathy. Rachel, Chris, John, and a host of others will offer you great insights here if you just hang out. I am certain that you can profit greatly by reading the posts, discussing your issues and contributing your own knowledge and experience in order to help others as well. Best of luck! Hank