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anyone feel more burning/numbness when sitting

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@jesfactsmon Hank, such a fabulous post from you! What is Haelan???? I am a two year breast cancer survivor so far, and never heard a word about it. My Neuropathy has been my focus, and I rarely think that I could have died from breast cancer, but I still want to know about Haelan? What the hell is it? Oy!!!! I totally believe in not doing radiation or chemo, if at all possible. That stuff is poison. I only had radiation into my tumor right during surgery, and refused more. I thought, I am not killing myself with that stuff. Lo and behold, I developed Neuropathy weeks after my Lumpectomy. Cancer took backstage to the Neuropathy. Anway, let me know about Haelan.... Love to you, Lori

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@lorirenee1 Lori, in a nutshell Haelan is a product, discovered back in the eighties which by taking an amount each day (amount varies between an ounce and 8 ounces depending on how serious and advanced the cancer is) you can arrest and eliminate cancer from your body entirely. It does this is several key ways, it's quite amazing how it works on so many levels. There is literally a TON of literature about it which is available, some of it online, some not. I can send you as much info as you want. But as a preliminary into to it, I selected a webpage that might tweak your interest further.


As I said, I can send you lots of links to info about Haelan, but If you search for Haelan (product name is Haelan 951)yourself you will find a lot as well. Best, Hank