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anyone feel more burning/numbness when sitting

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Doctor told me a few years ago that"We know a lot about the body but not much about nerves." suggested vitamin B12. Affirmed by second doctor last year. Of course i am only one example of a Athiritis/ Neuropothy situation others have had different experences.
As one ages we begin to hear and accept; "We are just going to have to learn to live with it." Lot easier to accept when one is 90 because we know it won't be too many years. i feel blessed in having lived 85 years without this problem. It's a matter of being thankful for all the years eveything worked so good and being grateful for what's left.

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Hi @cnn you have the best attitude! You are a good example of someone for whom I felt I wanted to write my previous post that discusses online forums. B12 might be great for you to take and we all need some definitely. But I would suggest to you to spend a little time each day reading through some of the discussions here on Mayo Connect. I am almost positive you will find out some things you did not know and you might learn about some things you might want to try taking or doing that you had not heard of before. As an example, some people take R Lipoic Acid as a supplement and feel they get some benefit for their neuropathy. No two people are the same and no two people's neuropathy are the same either, at least not exactly. So what works for some won't work for others. But with interest and an open mind you just might find out a thing or two you will be glad you learned. And if you don't quite understand something or want more feedback, there are plenty of people here who are more than willing to share their opinions and experiences. Thanks for providing me with the lead in to use as an example of what I talked about just prior. All my best to you, Hank