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Hi Maggie, you are doing fine. I am fairly new to this also. No worries. I just start typing and do my best, if it doesn't go to the right place I figure people don't have to read it.

Oh my gosh, you don't know what type of seizures you have? Finally someone that speaks my language. When I first started reading these posts I was wondering if I was talking to doctors. Eventually I realized no, they are just more interested than I am. For the most part I have been well controlled throughout my life so I spent my time in other areas. Recently that has changed so I am engaging a bit more.

The two meds I am taking are relatively new to the market and expensive. I am not interested in brain surgery until I have exhausted all of the other options. I have never seen an epilepsy specialist nor been to an epilepsy center. That is all about to change.

Good talking to you.


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All I know is that The doctor told me I have three different kinds of seizures… and I most definitely know how each affects me physically and mentally. As to the terminology the correct medical name, I know that my temporal lobe is the issue. That’s it. I sometimes wonder why in my 20’s after I had had two children why I would start having seizures. Who knows I could have been having issues in my growing up years and we wereN t aware of it. When I worked with an Epilepsy AwareNess group in my Much younger years It was amazing to learn of people who were ashamed, who thought they were possessed, who hadn’t left their homes, and I don’t think in some regards that has changed in a lot of places. Like mental illness it’s something Others can’t understand until it affects them personally. Have a friend who has had Numerous surgeries, had implants etc, and it is cutting down on the number of seizures he was having. Fortunately meds have worked for most of my life with few exceptions. Changing them now after so many years is scary for me. I resist taking meds. So many people take pills for everything and anything. Like you when I have a Problem I address it with help of a doctor, otherwise I live my life. I will say when it comes to changing my meds, that the long term use of Dilantin has created problems, and even though I am 72 years young I guess if I can change to something that may not be as hard on me I should. Have an18 year old granddaughter starting university this fall would love to be here for her graduation!