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Hi there.. I’m so new to this …so I’m probably going to,the wrong place to reply. I should go,to the appropriate “discussion” place First right?? I have three types of seizures …don’t remember what they are called. I take the. Meds Prescribed and It seems to,work except for the rare occasion when it’s not therapeutic. Thank heavens I have been as controlled as I have. I haven’t heard of the two meds you mention. I guess the doctor must think for the types of seizures I have the lamotrigine will work. Guess we’ll know once I start it. Hope you find something that will work for you on a long term basis.

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Hi Maggie, you are doing fine. I am fairly new to this also. No worries. I just start typing and do my best, if it doesn't go to the right place I figure people don't have to read it.

Oh my gosh, you don't know what type of seizures you have? Finally someone that speaks my language. When I first started reading these posts I was wondering if I was talking to doctors. Eventually I realized no, they are just more interested than I am. For the most part I have been well controlled throughout my life so I spent my time in other areas. Recently that has changed so I am engaging a bit more.

The two meds I am taking are relatively new to the market and expensive. I am not interested in brain surgery until I have exhausted all of the other options. I have never seen an epilepsy specialist nor been to an epilepsy center. That is all about to change.

Good talking to you.


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