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I am not sure if you are talking to me or not. If so, I am on Vimpat and a couple of days ago started Briviact. I was having a lot of complex partial seizures on Vimpat alone. It is too early to tell how the Briviact will do. Everything works for me for 3 weeks or so then my body seems to adjust and we are back to having seizures.

I have complex partial and tonic clonic seizures.


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Hi there.. I’m so new to this …so I’m probably going to,the wrong place to reply. I should go,to the appropriate “discussion” place First right?? I have three types of seizures …don’t remember what they are called. I take the. Meds Prescribed and It seems to,work except for the rare occasion when it’s not therapeutic. Thank heavens I have been as controlled as I have. I haven’t heard of the two meds you mention. I guess the doctor must think for the types of seizures I have the lamotrigine will work. Guess we’ll know once I start it. Hope you find something that will work for you on a long term basis.

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