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May I ask what type of seizures you hav e and what you are on for meds now? Do they work well for you?

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I've taken lamotrigine for very many years. I am on a larage dos of it too; I take 330mg twice daily. I have never noticed any kind of side effect (s) to the medication. It has been very good for me.


I am not sure if you are talking to me or not. If so, I am on Vimpat and a couple of days ago started Briviact. I was having a lot of complex partial seizures on Vimpat alone. It is too early to tell how the Briviact will do. Everything works for me for 3 weeks or so then my body seems to adjust and we are back to having seizures.

I have complex partial and tonic clonic seizures.


Not sure who This question was directed to so I thought I would answer it just for the heck of it.
I have idiopathic generalized epilepsy. So they don’t know why I have generalized or any other type of seizures for that matter but I have mostly tonic clonic and to a much lesser extent Focal Aware & impaired seizures which used to be called Simple & Complex Partials. I’ve also had numerous bouts of Status Epilepticus and also Absence Seizures which are Generalized seizures that start on both sides of the brain usually simultaneously. They used to be known as Petie mal seizures. When I first started having Tonic Clonic Seizures they were known as Major Motor Seizures. My current medications are 162 mg of phenobarbital and 1000 mg of Carbatrol extended release which is a time released brand name form of Carbamazepine.
Wishing everyone a seizure free future,