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I'm tagging fellow members @lsittll @mxyzptlk32 @jakedduck1 @indusnb1 and @lynette1975, who can share their experiences with lamotrigne (Lamictal).

Maggie, how long have you been on lamotrigine? Did the rash start right away? Any other side effects?

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I haven’t started the meds yet. I’ve been on Dilantin all my life with few exceptions in my 20’s and 30’s. Long term use of Dilantin has created some issues and after consultation decided to try lamotrigine….reading side effects on line is not the best thing to do I know, but as well the print out from the pharmacy where I picked up the new meds said pretty much the same things. No surprises there. The issue of the rash really concerned me. And I was told that if I had a reaction that way to stop the meds and call right away. Guess I’m just wondering how others may have been affected.. I guess when you get right down to it….have to make the decision …stay on the Dilantin for the rest Of my life or change. I’m 72: been on it since my 20’s. And then if I do change, what are the side effects other than the rash at which time I would stop immediately anyhow. . I have all the symptoms of sjogrens, and tested positive for lupus. Osteo, along with it.


I have been on lamotrigine but for a relatively short time. As I recall it wasn't as effective as some of the newer meds so I went back to them. We tried lamotrigine because of cost and to see whether it was effective or not. I don't recall any side effects. I am medicine tolerant. Sorry I wasn't more help.


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