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Bad news

Epilepsy & Seizures | Last Active: Aug 14, 2020 | Replies (26)

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How disappointing, @jakedduck1. Is this the same problem that you had before when you were shopping?

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Not exactly, Before I had pain around the occipital lobe (the back of the head) which moved forward. I didn’t have that this time instead I had severe pain in the back of my neck although I did have the same weakness and didn’t feel I could walk much farther. The pain went away when I sat in my car and I was able to drive and function normally, well, normal for me anyway.
I was eight years seizure free and I sure hope they’re not coming back in a different form. The problem is you can go to a half a dozen doctors and get a half a dozen different diagnosis’s. I would feel more comfortable if they would show me a lesion on my brain or a specific type of electrical discharges on an EEG. Had I been in the hospital I would’ve demanded a test to check for an increase in prolactin in the blood. But the kicker with this test is that it has to be done within 10 to 20 minutes of a seizure. By the time you get an order and get to the lab the time is usually long past. Another problem with this test as far as I know anyway it only indicates a seizure if it’s a Tonic-Clonic or a Focal Impaired seizure, In these types of seizures consciousness is lost. Mine was thought to be a Focal Aware seizure where consciousness is not lost. Basically an Aura. Auras seldom if ever last the period of time that I was symptomatic and unlike any symptom I’m familiar with leading me to think it must’ve been some other issue.

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