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Opioids Make me Nauseated - help!

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I take oxycodone 5mg.. as needed. anywhere from 4 to 8 hours with sometimes taking a half tab instead of whole or adding half tab in addition to the 1 tab. I get a headache (for about an hour) and sometimes nausea with it. When I first started taking it I was on twice this dose. Taking it with food helps cut down on the nausea. I take the ondansetron (generic zofran) when needed for the nausea. I don't have to take it as often as I did. Mostly my nausea comes now after I eat and not because of the oxycodone.

I am allergic to tramadol and norco is hydrocodone based and it makes me extremely nauseous and I will have a bad headache that seems to last forever. My surgeon told me to eat a few Ritz crackers if I got nauseous. They actually settle my stomach better than a saltine cracker. With some people ginger will settle the stomach. It does the opposite for me. If the crackers do not work I then take the ondansetron . Ondansetron sometimes gives me a mild headache too and sometimes I get sleepy when taken close to the oxycodone. Sometimes ondansetron doesn't work and I just be still until it goes away. Sorry to say that sometimes the only way for the nausea to go away is natures course of vomiting.


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Try a yogurt,a different form of pill but fof same reasons. Ultram or tramadol is more or less tylenol and advil if notmistaken.